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Outfitting your vehicle in a vinyl wrap with your logo or company information is a cost-effective and simple way to grab more customer attention. Your car or van can even sit in a parking lot and attract clients. You may wonder, however, how long vehicle wraps last? It’s a legitimate question from a marketing and budgeting perspective, right? How long will your mobile ad/vehicle wrap last on the road?

The answer is fairly straightforward, but still has a few caveats attached. These caveats involve the manufacturer of the vinyl wrap itself, as well as the installation company and their process and how you care for your vehicle.

Vehicle Wraps How Long Do They Last

As you might expect, the type of wrap and how it’s put on the vehicle play a key role in how long it lasts. At Sign-Rite, we use only the highest quality wraps and have extensive experience applying them to a variety of vehicle types and sizes. Following exact specifications for installation is important; it ensures the best bond and warranty for your investment.

If the wrap material comes from 3M, which is the manufacturer we use at Sign-Rite, your vehicle’s wrap material should last approximately seven years, according to their company information. Customers often want to alter colors, logos or even key information prior to that time, so many wraps are changed out before they begin to come off. Switching out a wrap is very simple; a small section can even be patched or cut out if needed, without compromising the whole wrap.


Your choice of vinyl will likely impact how long the wrap stays on. Vehicle wraps have two basic options: white or color. If you choose a white wrap, images must be placed on the vinyl, and then a sealant is needed to improve overall integrity. Colored vinyls can be made into your specific logo graphics, rather than overlaying the graphic on white vinyl. 3M’s color vinyls are also a  more ecologically-friendly option, and don’t require sealant.

How long your vehicle wrap lasts also depends on how you take care of it. All vehicle wraps are washable, and you can use a variety of car care products on them without harming the bond or seal. It is recommended, however, to follow some simple guidelines to maintain wrap integrity. According to 3M manufacturers, you will want to avoid using brushes on the vehicle wrap during a car wash.

In addition, if you power wash your fleet or vehicle, be sure to only wash at a 90 degree angle. In other words, any product or process that can scratch or damage your wrap should be avoided. If debris like rocks, or salt if you live in more northern climates, get underneath the wrap, you can take it in for a patch or small site repair. Don’t try to fix it yourself!


Vehicle Wraps How Long Do They Last …

If you take good care of your vehicle’s wrap material, it should last up to seven years. If you think about it, that’s a long time for an ad campaign, so you’re given ample opportunity for that mobile ad to return your investment. Vehicle wrap advertising is a simple way to ensure your money goes the extra mile. Curious about how you can boost business while driving around town? Click the link below to contact us for more information.

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3M is a global science company that never stops inventing. Using 46 technology platforms, our integrated team of scientists and researchers works with customers to create breakthroughs. Our inventions have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.


Your Vehicle Wrap Can Last Approximately 7 Years


Vehicle wraps Help You Reach More Customers On Your Commute or Service Routes


Vehicle wraps Boost Your Name Recognition 15x

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