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If you’re a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to bring in more business. Keeping up with local and regional consumers is crucial; even Starbucks depends on their local communities for success. It all adds up, right?

So how do you improve your business without breaking the bank? If you live in Chattanooga, Dalton, Rome or surrounding areas vehicle wraps are the way to go.

When it comes to the mega-brands with big marketing and advertising budgets, one or even several thousand dollars is just a drop in the monthly marketing budget. Starbucks’ reported marketing expenses totaled $315.5 million, $306.8 million and $277.9 million in fiscal 2014, 2013, and 2012, respectively.

Do you have that kind of scratch to spend on anything, much less a risky marketing campaign? Probably not.

If you are a local entrepreneur or small business owner, where every dollar counts, you need your investments to grow the business and to pay off in real and immediate marketing Return On Investment (ROI).


Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective ads you will ever invest in

Advertising in your local marketing is an important element of success. For a small business owner, however, having an effective and consistent marketing avenue is often a high hurdle to overcome. As a result, smaller businesses are all too often using LESS effective forms of advertising, like direct-mailers, coupon books, phonebook listings and ads, as well as the ever-so-popular-yet-dreaded: cold-calling.

Vehicle wraps are the perfect way to reach qualified buyers along your routes.

Enter Vehicle Wraps…

Calling all entrepreneurs and other local business owners start advertising cost-effectively by using vehicle signage and advertising wraps on your fleet. You’ll get noticed, and remembered, even when sitting in a parking lot.

Take a look at the infographic — It shows just how cost effective a vehicle wrap can be when compared to other advertising.

“When people see our vehicle graphics, it makes them stop and look. More important our clients tell us, we help them get noticed, get calls and get business. I know vehicle wraps make an impact” said David Dixon, Owner of Sign-Rite Marketing Services (of Chickamauga, GA). Remember using a vehicle wrap is not like radio, print or television. It cannot be turned off, turned down and there is no channel surfing.


Other benefits of vehicle wraps include:

• Extremely high retention rate

• More people remember a wrap vs. any other form of outdoor advertising

• Even parked, the vehicle can garner interest and calls to your business

We all know it’s not always easy being a business owner today. Therefore, to be both a successful business owner and marketer, you must be able to “drive” the results in the fastest way possible. Vehicle wraps do just that, with little effort and just a small investment on your part. What are you waiting for – call us?

Key Findings:

Vehicle wraps bring a new dimension to the outdoor advertising realm.

A Sign-Rite installed vehicle wrap (for one vehicle or your fleet)  is one of the most dynamic and powerful advertising platforms today.

Businesses of all sizes have found vehicle wraps make a positive impact on their bottom line.

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