Wire H Stakes

Yard Sign Stakes

We can get your Wire H Stakes shipped to you the same day if ordered by 3PM EST.

The H Stake can be used to place your yard signs into the ground. Sign-Rite provides the Wire H Stakes in a variety of sizes – anywhere from 15″ to 30″ tall.

Wire H Stakes are used with our yard signs which have vertical flutes. These flutes are the corrugations or ridges in your sign where you would insert the Wire H Stake into, then push/install the H Stake into the ground.

Call Us to discuss your design requirements:

Heavy Duty H Stake


A more superior H Stake for placing in hard ground. Gives your sign more support in the wind. Be Sure that you have ordered your signs with VERTICAL FLUTES!

Wire H Stake 15 inch


Great for use with 12″x18″ Signs and 18″x24″ Signs when you want the sign lower to the ground.

Wire H Stake 30 inch


The most common H Stakes on the market. Fantastic solution for placing your yard signs in the ground.

Rider Pins


Rider Pins are designed to slide into your coroplast sign(s) to create an instant holder for a sign rider. Constructed of galvanized wire, the Rider Pin is 8” long with a ‘V’ in the middle to separate the sign from the rider. Rider Pins are manufactured for 4 mil corrugated plastic signs with vertical flutes.

18 x 24 Metal Frame with Rider


Our angle iron frames do not use bolts or screws to hold the sign panels in place. We use a slip-in frame system. This allows you to slide or slip your sign into the frame with ease. No more scratching your signs trying to bolt them in or getting your signs only to find out that the holes don’t match up with your frames. Order today and start selling a little easier.  .

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