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Are you a business owner? Do you have a car, truck or multiple vehicles in use for your business?

If you are a, ‘Road Warrior’ turn your ride into a mobile billboard. Have you considered using fleet graphics that promote your brand wherever your route takes you.consistently exceeds your expectations.

Fleet Vehicle Wraps – Your Mobile Billboard

Branding is vital

Every mile you put on the road can become a branding opportunity with fleet vehicle wraps. We can help you create a branding message and increase the value of your brand.

Branding is indispensable — Branding is significant — Branding is vital. Building brands builds incredible value for companies and corporations.

Think for a moment how valuable branding has become. When Kraft bought Cadbury for $19.5 Billion what did they buy? The chocolate? The factories? The recipes? The candy makers? No they bought the brands.


So why use fleet vehicle wraps in your branding efforts? Stated simply, your fleet has the potential to build your brand, attract clients and add to the bottom line with each mile your fleet is mobile. Let’s take a quick look at why Fleet Graphics need to be Your Mobile Billboard –

According to the American Public Transit Association’s Public Transportation Fact Book on Average Annual Miles Traveled –

  • A Class 8 Truck averages 68,155 miles traveled per year
  • A Deliver Truck averages 13,116 miles traveled per year
  • A Light Truck – 11,712 miles traveled per year
  • A Light Duty Vehicle – 11,346 miles traveled per year
  • A Car – 11,224 miles traveled per year

A wrapped vehicle will net between 30,000 and 80,000 impressions per day, depending on how far and where the car is driven. How is that for impact?

Many businesses are missing out on tons of business simply because they don’t have the time or know-how to take advantage of the marketing opportunities right in front of them. Employing a single vehicle wrap or fleet vehicle wraps for your business should be added to the short list of things to do right now to get more exposure for your brand.

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Sign-Rite provides best in class sign and print media and offers wide format digital solutions. Our clients choose us for indoor and outdoor digital printing as we design and deliver a variety of eye-popping displays, point-of-purchase materials, billboards, vehicle graphics, fleet vehicle wraps and backlight signage.

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