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3 Ways Good Graphic Design Helps Build Your Brand

You Care How Your Brand is Represented

Thomas Watson Jr’s quote of “good design is good business,” should not be lost on any business today. The time and energy invested in your company’s brand should be viewed as a long term strategy. It takes time to build a supportive community, one that will support your organization for years to come.

When it comes to visual/graphic design, it is all too easy to look for short cuts or the least expensive design. “Every sensible CEO, entrepreneur, and product manager wants consumers to feel the same enthusiasm for their products and services that they do.” [1]


You cannot build a passion for your company if your customers – and potential customers get the idea that you took the cheap route when they see your graphics. Remember, the goal is to stay ATTRACTIVE to current customers and to ATTRACT new business.


Here at Sign-Rite, we work with large clients and start-up entrepreneurs. We are no stranger to companies and individuals who want to be attractive to their audience, who desire for their brand to resonate with their audience.

We know our client’s logo is important, beyond the logo,

the BRAND is the big picture,

the picture large customers and entrepreneurs want to present. This process starts with what your audience sees. “Once you look at a brand as a belief system, it automatically gains all the advantages that a company strives for: trust, vibrancy, relevance, a sense of values, community, leadership, vision, empathy, commitment and more.”

Here are three reasons why investing in top quality professional graphic design makes good business sense.


It’s been said – you only have one chance to make a first impression. In today’s light speed world a potential customer can judge a company in a few seconds. In those precious few seconds, will you present something visually appealing, to entice someone to continue their buying journey with you? High-quality visual design gives businesses credibility. How much is that worth? If there is no appeal, no attraction, will someone connect on your website? Will they make an effort to follow you on social channels?

According to researchers Dr. L.D. Rosenblum, Dr. Harold Stolovitch and Dr Erica Keeps, here’s how much information each of our senses processes at the same time as compared to our other senses.

83.0% – Sight
11.0% – Hearing
03.5% – Smell
01.5% – Touch
01.0% – Taste

No matter how you slice the pie, our brains give preference to processing vision as compared to our other senses. All the more reason to pay attention to your brand’s visual presentation.

How Much Information Each of Our Senses Processes



You have a few seconds to make a good first impression with potential customers and clients. That first impression might be your website, your vehicle wrap, graphics on your windows or your exterior signs. We know you can say, “Hey my clients are not design experts.” We agree, however, do you think your audience can sense whether your promotional materials are an amateur effort or professionally done?

Simply stated, poorly done graphics can give the impression that your firm is small, outdated and possibly undependable.

Sign-Rite helps our clients understand professionally done visual design will help your company look strong, reliable and position you as an expert. A smaller company can look established and reliable with great graphic design.


“If you talk to any pitcher, consistency is the most important thing.”

This is a quote from Jamie Moyer, a Major League Baseball pitcher for over 25 years. As a business leader, you are ALWAYS PITCHING!

Right? When your branding is inconsistent, it shouts. . . “amateur.” We have seen our clients come to us with multiple logos, sometimes distorted on their marketing collateral. Having a consistent presentation of your brand is a pillar of a professional firm. When you look at a company who has invested in their branding, do you see the same logo? Is it represented with the same colors and typefaces? This is what makes their message memorable and instantly recognizable, and that translates into brand recognition and sales.

Your brand is far too valuable, to you as an individual and to your bottom line to leave it with unskilled hands.

The team effort that our group at Sign-Rite provides to smart clients captures the spirit of your company with visual design. We help you build your brand the “RITE” way. We produce; signs, decals for your windows, walls, floors, and carpets (yes carpets!), vehicle graphics for your car, van or truck – whether you have a single vehicle or a multi-vehicle fleet. Our goal is to help present your company in the best possible manner.

We want to make people feel better about your brand than any other.


Let's Start Something Great!


Sign-Rite  can help you build your brand – whether you are a start-up or large company.

We can be trusted to design signs, vehicle wraps and graphics that get attention and help build your brand.

Call on the “RITE” team at Sign-Rite – Let’s Get Started – 706.375.6011

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